Beware the Demiblog

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Blahblahs | 2 Comments

These woods are made for stalking

Sooo. I closed Holoville Games (and Holoville), and now am DEMIGIANT. I made a new website. Now gotta start a new blog too.

The old blog¬†was kind of erased by some crazy server changes (yes, I just posted a link that will bring you to a 404 page, if you’re in the near future, that’s how evil I am), and I still have to recreate it, just for the sake of old memories.

Sooo. Here it is. How do you start a new blog? Writing about the fact that this is a new blog seems the right thing to do. Maybe I could do even smarter things and write in third person. Like, hello, this is Daniele Giardini’s blog. Daniele is a, uh, game developer, among other things, and he knows how to talk in third person. He’s actually so clever that he can even talk in sixth person. Like, uh, Daniele are a coven of dark matter and mayonnaise, and. Mhmm. No, sixth person gets crazy pretty quickly.

Anyway. Hello new blog.


  1. Jackson
    March 19, 2014

    Shit, didn’t realize you moved! I’ve been a bit busy recently. I’m going to read all these posts now!

  2. Daniele
    March 19, 2014

    Hi Jackson! I just moved and went into a blogging frenzy, but soon I’ll probably get back to post rarely :D And hey, I just checked your blog and I saw new posts that you didn’t tweet about. I’m so curious about Golden Nights :)


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